Dorm Students



Dorm Move-in List

These are only suggested items and quantities and are not requirements in any way. 

Just a guide to help you.



·       (7) Washcloths

·       (4) Towels

·       Personal Hygiene items for bathroom

·       Kleenex

·       Medicine Cabinet Items:

o   Aspirin / Tylenol

o   Cold / Flu Medicine

o   Cough Drops, etc.

·       Twin Bedding

o   Set of sheets with Pillow Case, Blanket/Comforter

·       Pillow

·       Laundry Detergent / Dryer Sheets

·       Clothing:

o   College / Church Clothes and Shoes

o   Winter Coat

o   Work Clothes

o   Athletic Shoes for Activities

o   (You will have one four or five drawer dresser and a limited amount of closet space for your clothes and personal items).

·       Hangers

·       Small Hamper or Mesh Laundry Bag for dirty clothes

·       Iron

·       Ironing Board – if you choose to

·       Shoe Polish

·       Small Trashcan

·       Bed Lamp

·       Umbrella

·       Bible

·       Laptop Computer – if you choose to

·       Study Aides

o   Strong’s Concordance or Bible Concordance on computer

o   Webster’s 1828 Dictionary (sold in church bookstore)

·       School Supplies:

o   Pens (at least 1 red)

o   Pencils

o   Markers

o   Highlighters

o   Notebooks

o   Paper

o   Presentation Folders for reports (sold in church bookstore)

o   Stapler / Staples

o   Paper Clips

o   3x5 cards


·       Vacuum Cleaner

·       Kitchenware

·       Headphones

·       Guns or Knives

·       Pets