Financial Information


To download / print a copy of Lone Star Baptist College application, click here.

All application paperwork should be mailed to:
Lone Star Baptist College
Admissions Office
1729 Gross Rd.
Mesquite, TX 75149

One Time Fees
Prior to Registration
Application Fee (All New Students)
Dorm Reservation (New On-Campus Student)
At Registration
Dorm Key Deposit (New On-Campus Student)
Basic Semester Costs
Off Campus Student
Registration Fee
Activity Fee
$1,875 per semester / $3,750 per year
On Campus Student
Registration Fee
Room and Board
Activity Fee
$4,000 per semester / $8,000 per year
Miscellaneous Semester Costs
Early Move-In Fee
$15 per day
(for students wishing to move into the dorms prior to Registration Day; dorms typically open three weeks in advance from Registration Day)

Transportation Fee
$250 per semester
(for students who need LSBC transportation to and from work, college, and church)

Computer Lab Fee
$25 per semester
(for students without their own personal computer who need access to the computer lab for miscellaneous, non-internet related purposes)

Book Fees
$300-$400 per semester
(various books for various classes will be required each semester; this is in addition to regular tuition; students should be prepared to pay class book fees the second week of class)

Internet Safety Fees
$15 / $30 per semester
(students who need internet access on campus, but do not have a computer may use the college computers for this purpose – $30 per semester)

(students who have their own computer and bring it on campus – $15 per semester)

Over 18 Credit Hours
$130 per credit hour
(for students taking more credit hours than a full load)

Less Than 12 Credit Hours
$130 per credit hour
(for students taking less hours than a full load)

Audit Students
$60 per credit hour
(for students wishing only to sit in on a class for the instruction; student will not be required to do projects or tests, but will not receive credit)

Summer Room and Board
$2,125 per summer

Payment Schedule
Fees required paid prior to Registration should be paid at least one month prior to the Registration date.
All “per semester” fees are to be paid at Registration.

One-fifth of tuition and room and board are due at Registration.

The remainder of the tuition will be due at separate specified intervals over the next four months.

LSBC reserves the right to change these fees at any time.