Local Employment

The Dallas Metroplex offers a wide diversity of employment opportunities. Our administration works diligently to assist new students and returning students in finding the right job. We make it a priority to help our students graduate debt-free.

Lone Star Baptist College has a Job Placement Office that works hard at this endeavor. While our Job Placement Office cannot guarantee immediate employment, we do guarantee to put employment opportunities within the reach of our students. The Lone Star Job Placement Office maintains daily interaction with local employers to afford our students immediate and privileged access to new employment opportunities. Through these relationships, many employers have found our student body to be a great source of quality employees.

In addition to working with employers, the LSBC Job Placement Office is also dedicated to equipping students to be competitive in today’s job market. Each semester, we conduct a seminar for writing resumes. We offer instruction on interviewing. We coach strategy for a successful job hunt. Our Job Placement Director exhausts every effort to help students put their best foot forward when interfacing with employers.

We do not want transportation to and from employment to be an insurmountable obstacle. Lone Star Baptist College has a shuttle transportation that runs continuously throughout the week to take students to and from work in a safe and reliable fashion. These shuttles are available to all of our working students at a minimal cost.

If you would like more information about employment while attending LSBC, feel free to contact us.