Ministry Life

At Lone Star Baptist College, we understand that God has chosen the local church to be His instrument for reaching this world. Our students are taught not only to study the ministry during the week, but also to be involved in the ministry on the weekend. Our students help in Sunday school classes, bus classes, the bus ministry, weekly soul winning opportunities, and much more. Our goal is to develop Christian leaders who know the importance of serving.

While attending Lone Star, students will be exposed to the multi-faceted ministry of Parkside Baptist Church. Each student will be involved minimally in three hours of Christian service each week. If a student is traveling to another church for Christian service and ministry, a letter from the pastor must be given to the Deanís office explaining his ministry responsibilities. The training received from real ministry experience is worth the price of an education in itself. Upon graduation, we believe our graduates will be able to step into the void of servant leaders and help claim a generation for Christ.



Bus Routes

Bus Classes
Saturday Soul Winning / Visitation
Sunday Bus Routes
Sunday Morning Classes

Spanish Ministries
Childrenís Sunday School
Sunday Church
Bus Routes

Childrenís Ministries
Sunday Morning
Preschool Classes
Elementary Classes
Sunday Evening
Toddler Church (3-4 Years)
Choir Ministries
Wednesday Evening
Saturday Morning
Soul Winning Nursery

Youth Ministries
Jr. High
Sr. High
Young Fundamentalists
Champions For Christ

Other Ministries

Deaf Ministry
Disciple Ministry
Media Ministry
Nursing Home
Parking Lot
Shut-In Ministry

Extension Ministries
Chapel Ministry
Church Planting Team
Missions Trips