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History of Lone Star Baptist College

In 2000, Parkside Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Larry May, started the Lone Star Baptist College.  Over the next ten years, it grew and many people were trained for the ministry, graduating with various degrees.  In 2010, Dr. Mike Wells became the pastor of Parkside Baptist Church.  Because of his extensive traveling and influence in evangelism for over a decade, many students from other states began seeking to come to the college.  For a while, area apartments were used to house students.   In 2016, our on-campus dormitories were built and opened.  We soon reached maximum capacity, and in 2019 we expanded and added more dorms to house even more young people coming our way.  Now, students from nearly half of the United States and even some foreign countries have come to LSBC.  Over the last several years, many additional degrees and programs have been added and now nearly thirty different certificates or degrees are offered, including five different master and doctorate degrees.  Students are trained not only in the classroom, but by participating in many of the over forty different ministries at the great Parkside Baptist Church.  Additionally, in 2019, Lone Star Baptist College launched our online classes that are now available to students all across the world who cannot attend classes on campus.  We are excited for the continued growth of our college, and the influence our graduates are having across America and in foreign mission fields around the world.  Our good history has only laid a foundation for our great future!  We hope you will consider coming and being a part of all that the Lord is doing here.  Maybe God will call you to prepare to serve Him through the training you can receive at Lone Star Baptist College.

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